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Module 3 : Prescribing



Principles of fluid prescribing


The key to safe and effective prescribing is to have a thorough checklist in your mind. It is vital to remember a number of key principles whenever you pick up your pen to prescribe fluids!



Each patient and clinical scenario is unique. There is no place for blanket regimens such as “two sugar one salt”.



Each time you prescribe you should:

  • remember your basic physiology
  • perform a thorough clinical and biochemical assessment
  • consider yesterday’s fluid balance, and calculate todays predicted losses and gains




Well patients can osmoregulate better than you can do it for them. Patients should eat and drink if they are able to.



Remember that fluids can be dangerous. Especially in patients with heart, liver or renal failure. Always start with a small fluid challenge.



Never write up for long periods (eg >24hr). Always review the patient regularly!


6 If in doubt, ask a senior!



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