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Module 3 : Prescribing



Welcome to module 3


This module aims to provide an overview of the principles and practicalities of prescribing intravenous fluids.


The learning objectives for this module are:


1. To appreciate which are some of the most commonly prescribed colloid and crystalloid fluids, their properties and how they distribute in the fluid body compartments.

2. Begin to understand how to calculate a maintenance fluid regimen to match fluid and electrolyte requirements as closely as possible. Appreciate that there is no single correct answer for this.


3. Understand that fluid resuscitation in emergency situations is often concerned with speed of administration of available fluids to maintain blood pressure.


4. Recognise the key patient groups at risk of fluid overload and know to take great care when prescribing fluid for them.


5. Learn how to correctly write up a fluid prescription on a drug chart.



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