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Hi and welcome to fluidstutorial.com!


Deciding on the correct IV fluid management for hospital patients is something that junior doctors are faced with on a daily basis. However, it is a task that many medical students and junior doctors feel that they do not have a good grasp on, and can find it to be a daunting process.


This may stem from the different ways that fluid balance management has been traditionally taught and explained in medical text books, and from the fact that different clinicians have different ideas and preferences when it comes to prescribing fluids. With this in mind, we to designed this tutorial for students and junior doctors, to help introduce the basic concepts and practicalities of prescribing maintenance and resuscitation fluids early on in clinical training.


We aim to keep this website up-to-date and free from errors If you can help by providing feedback, we would be pleased to hear form you at: contact@fluidstutorial.com



How to use this tutorial


This tutorial consists of six modules which can be worked through systematically from basic principles, thus without requiring prior knowledge about fluid maintenance.  Hyperlinks allow easy referral back to previously explained sections if clarification is required in order for further progression.


The tutorial is laid out as follows:


  • The tutorial begins with basic physiology, clinical assessment and prescribing modules.

  • Module four allows application of this learned material to work through a set of clinical cases.

  • Module five consists of a video explaining how to practically set up an IV fluid infusion, covering key OSCE points.

  • At the end of each module a summary of the salient points can be viewed as a recap. Module six is the amalgamation of all the module summary pages so that it may be easily accessed for revision purposes. A print out of this information is provided.

The tutorial content has been separated into discrete modules, in order to also allow their use stand alone for revision purposes. There are questions throughout the tutorial content to test understanding of taught material, as well as for the purpose of encouraging consideration of relevant information. Feedback is provided to all the answers so give them all a go!



Each tab directs to the relevant module. On each module page there is a table of contents down the left hand side which are links to each subsection of the module. Alternatively, you can work through the whole tutorial just by clicking ‘next’ on the bottom of each page.


This tutorial will take approximately two hours to complete in full. At the end of each module is a good point in which to take a break.


I hope you find it useful!



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